Why should I use a wick trimmer?

Trimming your wick supports the candle to burn more evenly & enables a slower burn. Cut it about 1/4 inch. It helps with controlling the soot and prolonging the life of the candle. (Reducing the soot also makes it easier to repurpose the candle jar when you’re done burning the candle.)

Why shouldn’t I burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time?

Typically, you don’t want to burn the candle for more than four hours at a time. Once you get past the four-hour mark, the wax begins to super heat, which can reduce the candle’s scent. It also contributes to the creation of smoke, which marks up the candle’s container and further messes with the scent.

Are soy candles safer than paraffin?

Much safer! Safer for your families, children and pets. Soy wax is a natural product that is Non toxic-meaning that soy wax is not poisonous. On the other hand-burning or melting paraffin wax releases a plethora of toxins—two of which are carcinogens—into the air. (A carcinogen is any substance or agent that promotes cancer.) Because soy wax is a biodegradable wax made from soybeans, which we eat; it does not contain these toxins and carcinogens making it a better and more sustainable alternative.

Are soy candles really vegan?

Yes! Soy Candles are Vegan! If you abstain from using animal products, then you might find candle shopping to be a frustrating endeavor. So many types of candles use animal products! Beeswax comes from the hives of beeves, tallow comes from the fat of animals, and some wax even comes from whales or dolphins. Soy candles are 100% vegan and do not require any animal products in their production or use.